EverPool Token is a community-driven deflationary investment token that rewards you with BUSD for holding long term, while also helping to save the planet through monthly charitable donations.

EverPool was created to be a safe token that supports the planet via various charities.

A token that not only rewards its holders for believing and supporting the project long term via BUSD passive income, but focuses them on doing good in the world.

With long term utility thanks to the glorious Clucky Chick NFTs and P2E game.


Buy Tax 11%:
5% Reflections
3% LP
3% Marketing.

Sell Tax 15%:
5% Reflections
5% LP
5% Marketing.

This gives holders passive generation from the moment they buy, while keeping the supply steady and liquidity at a safe long term level.

Our sell tax is higher to promote long term HODL'ers.

The maximum anyone can have at once is 5% of the supply and can only sell at maximum 2%.

This is catering towards the anti-whale, long term holder style token we are offering. Fair for everyone.

1% of all marketing budget will go directly towards a monthly chosen Charity.

Manual burn and buy back provided as needed.


$1M Market Cap:
500K $EVP x 5
$1K BUSD x 5
Unique $1M Milestone NFT

$10M Market Cap:
500K $EVP x 5
2 Week All-Inclusive Dubai Vacation (for 2) x 1
$5K BUSD x 5
Unique $10M Milestone NFT

$100M Market Cap:
100K $EVP x 1
Tesla Model S x 1
Tesla Model 3 (Performance) x 1
$10K BUSD x 5
Unique $100M Milestone NFT

Full DxSale Compliance

EverPool will be officially launched on DxSale as a launchpad, allowing early investors to get in at a very low floor price.

Our code has been audited by Tech Audit and Developer has been KYC doxxed by IDO Presales.


Future Plans

So we have a token...what next?

Well our first step is to get EverPool recognised and listed on places like CMC, CG, DEXs and CEXs.

We wish to grow our investor base, get more personal ties with various charities, provide new and unique opportunities for token holders.

This will include ongoing utility through games and NFT releases, plus Metaverse gaming tie-ins with Clucky Chicks.

Plus heavy influencer and social media marketing throughout 2022.


Come join us on Telegram or Discord, have a chat and let's see where this takes us. Paper hands not allowed!

© EverPool. All rights reserved.

Private Investors

First off, if you are here, I am glad to have you in the EverPool community.
This means you are an active member of the community and an early investor.
I'll keep the process as simple as possible for Private Investors.

All Private Investors with OG Chicken role will get a limited edition OG Chicken NFT on collection release.
You will also get a one time enhanced $EVP buy rate as listed below.

The Private conversion of BNB to $EVP is:
1 BNB = 700K $EVP

Minimum amount is 0.25 BNB.
Maximum amount is 3 BNB.
(This is increased due to the limited nature of early investors)

Send BNB to: 0xc3536E233823Bf5b2f921Cbe04523cE7E308a16e

Simply send the amount of BNB to the above address you wish to swap for $EVP tokens and your 'OG Chicken' role.

(Please double check before sending, I can't help you if you send to wrong address!)
All funds sent will be final. So please be sure you are happy to invest that amount first.

Can view all our awesome Private Investors here - Live Database Sheet -

Private Investors will get airdropped their $EVP on launch.
(This is to prevent liquidity addition prior to official launch.)